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04/05/2007 19:18:16


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28/05/2007 15:25:30

"Your future depends on your dreams" So go to sleep

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

I've Been thinking about you lately, and wanted to remind you that you are very special to me.

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29/05/2007 10:04:42


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29/05/2007 22:52:46

Everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby


everytime I see you in my dreams
I see your face, it's haunting me
I guess I need you baby


Bericht gewijzigd door Rafael op 29-05-2007 om 23:59:30


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29/06/2007 15:06:28


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10/07/2007 17:18:59

When I step into my shoes, make a lady wanna, hey
felling how I'm feeling loose caught up in a purple, hey
everything is beautiful mother fucking feeling crazy
When I step into my shoes, make a lady wanna go crazy
wanna go crazy


Little golden diamond rings,
all them things don't mean a thing,
chaperones and limousines,
shopping for expensive things,
I be on the movie screens,
magazines and bougie scenes,
I'm not clean, I'm not pristine, I'm no queen,i'm no machine
I still go to taco bell,

Baby you're all that I want
when you're lying here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
we're in heaven
and love is all that I need
and I found it there in your heart
it isn't too hard to see
we're in heaven

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10/07/2007 18:43:34

People are like garbage cans.
The more you open your heart, the more garbage people throw in it.
And the cleaner your heart is, the dirtier it gets.


Noedelsoep lost veel op. Vooral kruidenboter!

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10/07/2007 19:32:40

And when he is out of sight, quickly also is he out of mind.

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19/07/2007 19:07:18

Baby just hold me
Simply control me
Because your arms, they keep away the loneliness
When I look into your eyes
Then I realize
All I need is you in my life

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19/07/2007 19:41:13

Every step that you take
Could be your biggest mistake
It could bend or it could break
But that's the risk that you take
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